Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring

Our aim is to provide factual information about the air quality of your workplace environment. This information will assist you in demonstrating that a satisfactory working environment exists within your building, or may highlight potential indoor air quality issues that need addressing.

Good indoor air quality will enhance the health and comfort of people who live or work within a given building. Failure to respond to indoor air quality issues may result in the following:

  • Recurring health problems for individuals
  • Reduced productivity and increased absenteeism
  • Low morale amongst staff
  • Negative publicity

When conducting a typical IAQ assessment we will monitor the following:

  • Temperature (thermal comfort)
  • Relative humidity (impacts on thermal comfort)
  • Carbon dioxide (indicator of adequate air exchange rates)
  • Carbon monoxide (noxious gas, product of combustion processes)
  • Airborne bacteria and fungi (indicates microbial loading of air spaces)

If specified/required we can also offer the following additional monitoring;

  • Various noxious gases (i.e. ozone, formaldehyde. benzene)
  • Airborne particulates

For a common sense approach to air quality, our IAQ monitoring services are often carried out in conjunction with a ventilation hygiene survey

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