Legionella Risk Assessment

The industry recognised Approved Code of Practice & Guidance document (L8) – The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems - clearly states that building owners/operators are required to ‘identify and assess the sources of risk’ and ‘prepare a scheme for preventing or controlling the risk’.

The undertaking of a risk assessment by AWS will ensure both of these requirements are professionally addressed.

All of our risk assessments are meticulously conducted and are always site specific. We strive to provide comprehensive reports that are easy for the client to understand and digest. We do not use complex and confusing scoring systems.

Our comprehensive risk assessments include the following;

  • Introductory and background information
  • Water System(s) description(s) and risk evaluation
  • Full asset register & temperature monitoring
  • Detailed condition sheets for all main plant items
  • Management audit
  • Photographic record
  • System layout schematic(s)
  • Control schemes

Take advantage of our expertise in legionella risk assessing. We can help you avoid the consequences of non-compliance which include the risk of your insurance being invalidated, business closure, prosecution or even a charge of manslaughter.

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‘If Legionella bacteria are inhaled in water droplets they can cause a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. In the UK approximately 250 cases are reported every year’