Water Testing

At AWS we realise that implementing an appropriate water testing program and interpreting the results can be very confusing and expensive!

We offer free advice with regard to testing and we always provide a test report which clearly highlights any unsatisfactory results, giving guidance on appropriate control measures that should be put in place.     

Legionella testing of water samples is a ten day test.
If positive results occur at any point within the test period you will be informed immediately and advised on a suitable control strategy.

Potable testing of water samples is a three day test. This sampling includes analysis of general bacterial levels (TVC), and presence of Coliforms and E.coli.

Closed system testing (Heating / Chilled). Samples can be tested for any relevant chemical and bacteriological parameters.

Water samples are always processed at UKAS accredited laboratories. We can offer a wide range of water testing services, please contact us with your specific requirements.

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‘Routine legionella testing of hot and cold water systems is not usually necessary and will only be recommended if the risk assessment has highlighted high risk scenarios that may provide favourable conditions for legionella bacteria to flourish, or in premises that are occupied by highly susceptible populations (i.e. retirement homes, hospitals)’.