About us

At AWS we pride ourselves on delivering a consistently high quality of service, placing a real emphasis on surveying accuracy and customer care. We always aim to provide reports that are comprehensive, yet easy to understand.

We know that report recommendations are often the most important part of our service, and we are passionate about keeping them impartial and based on the facts of an industry approved survey, risk assessment or testing.


Our consultants and operatives are highly trained and have many years practical experience in the air and water hygiene industry. Our lead consultant has been a member of the Water Management Society since 2000 and we are currently working towards Legionella Control Association approval.

We are based in Essex in the south east of England, but regularly conduct surveys and remedial work throughout the UK.  

Whether you require the testing of a single ventilation system or have a portfolio of buildings that need to be legionella risk assessed, we can guarantee an efficient and high quality service.