FVR880 Ride On Road Roller

3 Tons compaction force Diesel engine, Changchai Brand, Powerful driving force. International brand ball bearings ensure the good performance. Hydraulic driving system, small operating radius.
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Technical Specification:
Model FVR880
Weight 1000kg
Capacity of Water tank 60L
Capacity of Oil tank 19L
Walking speed 0-5km/h
Starting Mode Electrical starting
Drive Mode Hydraulic drive
Walking Mode Forward&Back
Roller size 740* ① 530mm(Forward)800* o 530mm(Back)
Vibrating Clutch Mode Electromagnetic
Centrifugal force 32kn
Vibration frequency 70Hz
Grade ability 0.3
Package Size 2100*1500*950mm
Engine Single cylinder,Air cooled,Four stoke
Engine type Changfa180FA | Honda Gx390
Fuel consumption 280g/kwh | 313g/kwh
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