Mini Single Drum Road Roller

Mechanical walking, strong power, large torque and strong climbing ability. Hydraulic components are well-known brands with low failure rate and good performance
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Technical Specification:
Model Weight Roller Size Engine Centrifugal Force Walking Speed
FVR 600S 330KG 600*426MM Air-cooled,4-cycle,Gasoline /Diesel 15kn 0-4km/h
FVR 700S 500KG 560*700MM Diesel air-cooled ,


Single cylinder

20kn 0-4km/h
FVR 600D 550KG 600*426MM Air-cooled,4-cycle,Gasoline /Diesel 25kn 0-4km/h
FVR 600WD 600KG 600*426MM Water cooled,diesel 25kn 0-4km/h
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